Friday, April 2, 2010

What With Malay First, Malaysian Second?

What is wrong of being Chinese first Malaysian second when most our Chinese can,t compose a beautiful fun rhyme of pantun, reject assimilation, registering Chinese name and having zhong wen charachter everywhere. Some people are wandering on the lane of cheap old hypocrism just to get a hard hit right on their face. Previously, they wanted Bahasa Melayu to be called Bahasa Malaysia but it seems like they are chronically confused what Malaysia is at the very first place! There is no Chinese element in Bahasa Malaysia so it should be called Bahasa Melayu logically.

Remember, we can't tow this piece of land to somewhere in East Asia. So those enlightened Chinese should be sane enough to see that for Thailand, yes, they are Thailand first and Chinese the next. So do Chinese in the Philipines and Indonesia.

Here, in this country, while they are proud to retain much of their cultural pheriperal and paraphernalia, they are in fact, Chinese first, Malaysian second. Read that twice. Being in racial segregation without assimilation is a fact of race first, nation the next.

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