Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simply-Simply Make Me Angry

I dont know what to do. My boss aa.. he is very mean wor.. He write "MEMPUNYAI INISIATIF YANG TINGGI TETAPI MEMPUNYAI SEDIKIT MASALAH DISIPLIN" in my SKT. Niama. How can I was simply simply commented like that?

I work for 7 years in public sector, I got good good markah given all this while, why la this fella easy easy put like that?

Now I have no spirit anymore. Niama. How can I was simply-simply said as problematic when the SKT is made to comment on the SASARAN KERJA TAHUNAN. Is it tercapai or not.

Listen. I work for 7 years, and this recent 3 years, I put my cheap knowledge flow to run the store plenty-plenty one. And that is the time my markah going down.

This fella all ha, need to learn something from PTD people. I really dont like one. But what can I do?

Now the boss also malu-malu with me. I dont want to make him malu but I know that this fella dont want me to leave the perfect system that I invented.

What can I do. My boss should recommend me promotion lah. If not, I tukar pi KDN.