Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Economic Model. How New?

Amazing enough to look upon our PM doing alot of homeworks just to ensure our nation become a high income country.

But all this while, doesn't we are lazy enough to accomodate innovation prodigies, to encourage mass economic income from our very own invention and having chances and opportunities taken for granted?

Braindrain is an acute phenomenon in this lovely country. Most are caused by the paradoxial thought of this country is not promising. OK, let them go. We have no lack of researchers if we could polish the brass to get it glittering like gold. A bad penny always turns up.

Let me list down things that we did neglect previously.

1. With abundance of valuable rubber commodity and a good prospect of concrete technology, we are not having our engineers invent an earthquake proof houses for billions of people worlwide that prone to the disaster.

2. With most people worldwide are seeing car as unaffordable mode of own transportation, we are not having our Modenas produce a low cost bike to accomodate the needs of billions.

3. With football that giving way for the illegal gambling operators to make billions a year, we did not have any licensed football gambling operators to operate business with gambling tax imposed handsomely.

That is a mere examples that I have right superficially. I always believe that the first thought that is correct, is always better than an overnight study.

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