Saturday, December 20, 2014

Eating for not because of hungry

It always plenty of time for me to spend at eateries back in my hometown Ipoh with hometown friends. As the result, we create menu that nowhere to be found listed. 

Deep fried fishcake is one of the new species of food that popular among us. It served with chili mixed with garlic and vinegar sauce. On the menu list, it doesn't exist. 

Fishcakes in Cantonese curry is another mix up that usually picked and assorted by ourselves and none to be found popular in other place.

The main purpose of patroning these outlets usually are just because everyone that chattable is there, on a daily basis. Hence, having their food on the table to avoid the owner give a jerk face, is a common practise.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Malaysian English proficiency ranked highest in Asia? How was mine?

From the dirst letter od this artixle, backspace and delete is not activated and the writings move fowatd without any corrextion of grammats or typos.

Malaysia is among few country in the world that English as second language is part of the society. It means, English is understood by most eople and they can relte back some simple sentences of conversation that serve for good level of English for non-native speakers.

Surely there is gramatical error in this writing but this indicte how it was, out there, when a conversation took place , without endment made fot the speech made.

Typos are indicaator of how my fingera are too big to get letters tap in a righy way.

So let us talk about English by non-native speaker in Malaysia. 

50 yers ago, English is only used and spokwn by only few Malaysian as eduction is limited to those from rich families and those who worked with the colonial government.

The small number of locals that speaks English  had brought in Veylonese that have a good Engliah education , to work with the British Government of Malaya.

Within 50 years, English speakers rose ib Malaysia but the quality deteriorated. This is much caused by the National Educatinal Policy that made Malay Languade as the medijm of teacing in governmenf school.

But the rise of English speajers id mainly to the exposure on americcan entertainment industry and later, the internet and comuters.

With the level of English that most Malaysia are versed on, the quality id not the real matter.

It seems that the real matter is when one couldnt even understand a vasic sentence of Englisj and could not answer any question orslly.

Malaysia was ranked 12th among 63 country tested for English Proficiency Index* and 1st among Asia countries.

Without editing and even hit the backspace key on the keypad, this is how my English proficiency level stood at.

*The EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) is a report which attempts to rank countries by the average level of English skills amongst adults. It is the product of EF Education First, a global language training company, and draws its conclusions from data collected via English tests available for free over the internet. The report was published for the first time in March, 2011 based on the results of over 2 million test takers.[1] The most recent, fourth edition was released in November, 2014.[2]

Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm a cartoonist? Not another showboat passing by!

Some of my hobbies fell into a perception that it was a talent of me by most friends. But I reluctant to presume it as talents. Whereas, none of my talents has been successfully exploited to generate income. Thus, my level for those so called talents will be let to remain in that notch forever.

One of the oldest tendency that soon, with the growing number of friends, has been said as a talent, is drawing. 

Cartoon was the fringe result from this hobby and I drew a lot of cartoon scene in the past without any of it left today due to my negligence.

But lately, I feel like it much more convenient to draw cartoons with drawing software, which for below artworks, I used Microsoft Paint for Window 7.

Adding up the artwork with availability  of the screen grab from mobile phone apps, it contribute alot into the diversity point of the satire.

So why don't you give a try?

This is a real life and real situation drawn in a picture type of cartoon.
"Abang Kaya Raya" which literally means "Rich Bro" as seen on the handphone of his facebook friend, who take bus to work, post a stressful status from a check in that was an obvious showboat of his luxury life, " in my exspensive car, do you have it" and the status  translated as "Alone.. Sad.. Feel like wanna die.. My partner is cheating.. My family hates me.. Now whats up with the traffic? Is it Sungai Buloh or Sungai Butoh (dick).. Pig !!" The monologue of his friend is simply "La la la (some indication of happiness,LOL) pity him. Always in stress."  And this cartoon used in an advisory status such "Better be in materially insufficient but happy rather be having everything, but stressful."

This is muted cartoon with imaginery situation that can be translated easily by anyone which is easy to understand yet foretell stories that assumed as the cause of the problem highlighted.

This is type of cartoon about nature are usually in absence of human. It was simple cartoon with the main subject are enliven with illusional face but without any words, it gonna be meaningless. So the monologue of the coulds written is " Oh time to go home? Take this!". Opis is common colloquial word for Malay referring to office.

Well I'm very interested in drawing more of such cartoons and for those who wanna view, do search in Instagram under #tamtoonist.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

When mobile phone can do better other than games and social media

When it comes to mobile facility the smartphone, most people using it as a bridge to cross over the boredom while taking a public transport on the time  they spent whilst.

When most people sticked to social media and games, I recently found a good way to get busy with a simple picture manipulating using Screenshot and PicsArt apps on my phone.

The result is something new for me as even it just a simple process of photo manipulation, it deliver strong message to the people particularly Penangites, hey my parent is Penangite too, that it is the right time for them to feel the lost. Thanks to the digital visual arts.

Yes, it is completely different with the real condition then, but the message is surely delivered.

Okay, let see how the combination of "ancient Penang shoreline" and densely urbanized Penang was made.

I grab a screenshot of Penang from Google Maps on my phone.

I grab a screenshot of Pulau Sajang, West Papua, Indonesia as it resemble choices of crop selections that can suit the shoreline of Penang.

A crop selection of a section that considered suitable was saved.

The screenshot of Penang opened with PicsArt and the saved selection was inserted and fitted in. The final result should eventually touch the emotion of Penangites and local beach lovers on the lost pearls.

Adding up obvious facts in the caption will bring the value of the cincai art.

1000 years ago, it was a paradise, in the territory of the Mokken, natives of the Malay Peninsula western shoreline but today, Penang Island is nothing but a carelessly developed city under the colonial ruling.

Sungai Juru is the most polluted river in Malaysia, lets plan for it future by looking at it past.

Sungai Sepang is among the most polluted river in Malaysia due to pig farming to cater demands from local and Singapore pork consumer. Only illusion could bring forth it past.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bangburnepindese reintroduce dirty red spit in Malaysia

With almost 3 million foreigner in Malaysia, betelnut red spit colored the fivefoot way of Jalan Silang, a Bangburnepind Town of Malaysia. 

Bangburnepind is country of Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and India. Here, these countrys' citizen that worked in Peninsula Malaysia, gathered.

Everything about these foreigner is tolerable including the South Asian type of body odour that synonym to these people but not this single sickness.

Chewing betelnut is no longer adapted by modern Malaysian as an addiction. 

But these foreign labour reintroduce this to Malaysia with negative response by the locals.

There is no particular law by the local councils in preventing the dirty imported attitude to ensure a good hygene level of atmosphere for the locals and the tourist to rate the city wellbeingness.

If this considered tolerable by the city councils or halls, the more than RM2 billion of the government revenue from the levi collection must be spent in a good number to clean up the mess they made and introduce them a wise way of consuming betelnut program.

Menemui seni penuh erti di tapak tangan

Sejak laptop saya terbunuh, saya cuma ada enpon saje. Selepas 3 bulan ia memendiangkan diri, saya terjumpa medium pelepas tampakan keberanganan di tapak tangan (maaf, newbie BM sila tutup browser ini sekarang). Medium ini melibatkan penggunaan aplikasi screenshot dengan banyak sekali, dua kali, tiga kali dan banyak kali. Berikut adalah hasilnya dan kepsen kepsen yang sesuai untuknye.

1000 Years that changed the beautiful north east cape of Penang Island into Chinese town under imperialist ruling.

Sungai Juru is the most polluted river in Malaysia, lets plan for it future by looking at it past.

Sungai Sepang is among the most polluted river in Malaysia due to pig farming to cater the pork consumer. Only illusion could bring forth it past.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Apabila syurga monolog dimusnahkan oleh luahan minta perhatian

Lamanya tak merapik merapan di blog ni. Facebook telah mengubah pola monolog seorang insan. Daripada penulis dairi takde sapa baca pun takpe, kepada seorang gile perhatian kerana ada hitungan Likes yang menjadi indikasi respon positif dari khalayak. Padahal orang menyampah pun dia tekan Likes jugak. Eh bukan nak tipu. Ade lah.

Hitungan Likes ni pada mulanya tak heran pun. Sehinggalah jumlah yang Likes menjadi keheranan. Ape ni tambi u cerita.

Aku nulis blog pertama tama tama kali ialah pada tahun 2005. Selepas sembilan tahun,  aku dapat melihat kemunchak zaman blog ini ialah pada tahun 2008 dan kini sudah berada di perbuntutan.

Namun adenye juer, blog politik kemain orang sarbu. Itu nandekan bahwe, blog sebagai dairi mahupun ruang monolog yang sendri boleh baca semula, sudah ditinggali dek hadapnya jurucakap dalam hati kita di persada maya, kepada perhatian tanpa asas yang jelas.

Tetapi bukankan ia telah menjadi lapangan sepi untuk mewarkah tanpa peduli siapa pun yang ingin baca. Asalkan kata-kata terluah.

Sebelum adanya media sosial, tok nenek kita (yang reti tulis lah), telah pun mencurah rasa berfeeling hiba dengan menulis di buku-buku catitan mereka.

Suasana di sini hakikatnya tenang, seperti Ismet Ulam Raja melepas dendam di pinggir jendela.



2005 (Oh my henglish)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ke Jakarta Lagi (2/2014) III

Pagi terakhir di Jakarta aku dan A menyempatkan diri untuk ke Blok A Tanah Abang. A mahu membeli jubah bertatah hiasan berharga cuma Rp100k (RM28) sehelai.

RM28 sehelai!

Muka A telah dikenali oleh makcik kedai, walaupun kunjungan terakhir berlaku 11 bulan yang lalu.

Pasar Tanah Abang

Kami pun pulang ke hotel untuk mengambil barang dan check out. Awalnyehh. Apa boleh buat. Check out jam 12.00. Kemudian kami lepak jap sebelum naik teksi BlueBird ke airport yang dibawak dengan santai oleh sang pengemudi kerana tambangnya cuma Rp110k (RM30) sehingga ke airport.

Perjalanan kala bulan mengambang.

Menghidangkan pemandangan Ampang, KL kerana pesawat KLM810 Jakarta - KL - Amsterdam  melajak sebelum pusing di sini untuk mendarat dari arah utara di KLIA.

Imej dari Iphone.

Imej dari Samsung Galaxy Tab. Moralnya, belilah Iphone.

Kami sampai KLIA jam 9:20 malam waktu Malaysia, dan walaupun menuntut bagasi, kami berjaya naik KLIA Transit jam 10:22 dan aku berjaya kejar bas Nadi Putra pukul 11:00 dan sampai di rumah jam 11:25 malam. Kepenatan mula terasa sebaik tiba di rumah. Kerinduan pada entah apa yang nak dirindukan pun mula membuak-buak. A mengajak ke Jakarta lagi bulan depan. Memang kau dah gila. 

Sekian catatan perjalanan.

Ke Jakarta Lagi (2/2014) II

Pagi itu menepukkan dahi aku dengan sekelumit masalah. Rupa-rupanya KRL Commuter di Mangga Besar tak berhenti di Stesen Gambir. Pokoknya takde Commuter berhenti di Gambir kerana pokok pangkal ia adalah sebuah stesen antarabandar. Walaupun KRL Commuter melewati Stesen Gambir. Betul punya tak puas hati ni. Kami naik teksi ke Stesen Gambir dari hotel dengan bayaran yang berpatutan. Itulah kelebihan Jakarta. I hate teksi KL. Macam apo je. 

Tren kami bertolak jam 11:20 pagi waktu Indonesia dan kami di tiba si stesen 10:20. Jam 10:45 baru kami dibenarkan naik ke platform dan tren pun tiba pada pukul 10:50 dan bertolak tepat jam 11:20. Tren bernama Argo Parahyangan ini mengangkut penumpang Kelas Eksekutif dan Bisnis antara Bandung dan Jakarta dengan kekerapan hampir 10 trip sehala setiap hari. Tambang telah teman ceritakan dalam post yang lepas. 

Keeksaitedan (kimak merosak bahasa) terserlah apabila barulah kali ini aku dapat merasa menaiki tren ke Bandung yang diceritakan oleh perawi dan penghikayat bahawa pemandangannya superbeb. Akhirnya dapatlah jua aku mengheret mereka-mereka agar tunduk patuh pada cita-citaku. Hahaha. 

Kelas Eksekutif ini sungguh selesa, cerminnya tinted, aircondnya dingin dan terdapat plug bagi mengecas laptop atau telefon.

Makanan dalam keretapi ini relatif murah dengan pesanan diambil oleh pramugari dan dihidangkan beberapa ketika sebelum kutipan bayaran dibuat selepas makan. Rajin ye. Untuk Mushroom Soup dan Teh panas ini, harganya dijamin tidak lebih RM10.

Pemandangan dikira biasa-biasa walaupun takde di Malaysis ni. Antara Jakarta hingga ke Cikampek yakni 100 km yang pertama.

Kemudian tren mendaki bukit untuk menuju Bandung yang terletak 800 meter dari paras laut. 

Disinilah bermula pemandangan-pemandangan menarik, di mana lintasan jambatan keretapi melewati jauh di atas pucuk kelapa dan sawah bertingkat.

Dan selepas terowong yang mengunjur 1 km, tren melalui Jambatan Cisomang yang menyeberangi sebuah ngarai sedalam 100 meter. Tiada apa-apa yang  istimewa  sebelum anda melihat gambar dibawah.

Inilah Jambatan Cisomang!! Kecut telur kalau dah tau macam ini rupa dia!

Tepat jam 14:30 tren sampai di Bandung. Lambat 20 minit. Oke je. Aku menghubungi hotel Vio Veteran semasa dalam tren tadi untuk bertanyakan bilik. Hotel ini disuggest oleh si A semasa mencari-cari hotel, juga di dalam tren. Keistimewaan Mobile Network Provider di Indonesia ialah komitmen mereka dalam memastikan capaian internet merangkumi desa dan rimba. Internet di telefon sentiasa HSDPA sepanjang perjalanan! Keluar di pintu selatan stesen, kami cari teksi. Aku yang konfius nih. Patut keluar pintu utara. Kami naik angkot. Sesampai di hotel yang baru dibuka, kami terkejut dengan harganya yang murah iaitu Rp233k (RM64) per malam dengan bilik super selesa. Oh. Hotel baru bukak 3 bulan. Harga promosi masih berlaku sehingga 30 September 2014. Selepas itu kadarnya ialah Rp320k (RM89).

Selepas itu kami ke Pasar Baru Trade Center, walaupun sampai jam dah pukul 16:40. Di sini, aku tak kuasa menunggu mereka dan aku hanya tunggu sambil minum Es Jeruk di seberang jalan sebelum A datang menghancurkan kenikmatan. Dek pok pek pok pek dengan bahasa Malaysianya, ambik kau air jus limau manis perah tu menjadi Rp10k (RM2.80) segelas. Aku tak percaya itu harganya. Cis! Selepas itu kami menghantar pulang barang belian ke hotel sebelum menyambung pula ke Cihampelas dan melongok di Ciwalk. A memberitahu ada kawannya yang mahu datang dan kekira sejam kemudian, aku dikenalkan dengan MA, kawan si A, yang merupakan orang Bandung dan bekerja di Jakarta. Kami berborak seperti sudah 3 tahun kenal. Malam itu MA mengajak ke karaoke. Setelah siap, MA menjemput aku dan A untuk ke karaoke namun, Bandung masih memberlakukan perintah berkurung bagi outlet hiburan dimana semuanya akan ditutup jam 12 malam. Maka kami sepakat untuk berkaraoke di Jakarta sahaja malam esoknya.

MA , seorang rakan baru.

 Esoknya kami segera ke stesen keretapi untuk balik ke Jakarta. Menikmati Bandung selama 22 jam sahaja bagaikan sepinggan nasi lazat dijamah sesuap cuma. 

Lalu pak Gubenur dalam buangan memberi lambaian kepada rakyat Jawa Barat sebelum pulang ke DKI Jakarta.

Anda mungkin tidak mempercayai bahawa set mi ini cuma Rp 18k (RM5). Makanan dalam tren PT KAI agak murah dan berbaloi.

Sebuah lagi jambatan dari berbelas-belas jambatan seriau yang dilalui kereta api.

Tren membelah kota Jakarta dan kami tiba di Gambir pada jam 15:20 sebelum kebingungan mahu menginap di mana pula agaknya. Kami mencari di sekitar belakang Sarinah, lebih tepat di Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim tetapi semuanya tidak cocok dengan budget. Sebab itinerari tertera sekian-sekian harga. Kena patut. Lain kali itinerari perlu kita mahalkan lagi ye. Kami kembali ke Jalan Mangga Besar Raya dan menginap di Hotel Permai. Ia menawarkan hanya Rp215k (RM60) per malam untuk dua orang. Seterusnya malam itu kami bergerak ke Senayan untuk melawat Senayan City Mall dan Plaza Senayan.

Selepas buat syarat ke sini, kami ke ke McD Sarinah untuk menunggu MA yang berjanji untuk membawa kami karaoke di situ. 

Inul Vizta merupakan karaoke milik Inul Daratista yer. 

 Kami bernyanyi nyanyian selama 2 jam.

Sebelum tibanya masa untuk mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada MA. Esok kami bakal pulang ke Kuala Lumpur. Tetapi sebelum tertidur, E kawan A mengajak lepak.

Kami dihangkut oleh E dan kawannya untuk ke Jalan Kebun Sirih menikmati Nasi Goreng Kambing dan kemudian melepak di sebuah restoran di Jalan Jaksa yang bernama KL Village. Kenapa KL? Menurut E, ia dibuka oleh seorang yang lama menetap di Kuala Lumpur. Segala mak nenek nama minuman kat Malaysia ada dalam menu dia. Wah. Terkagum sikit. Kami sisha-sisha sebelum pulang jam 3:30 pagi.

Bersahambuhung lagi di Ke Jakarta Lagi III