Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Krabi again ? After 3 month ?

2014 was my spiritual enhancement year maybe when I look upon few things that make it just something I can't elaborate yet understood. 

It begin with New Year eve celebration that end up with drinking Vodka like Mat Saleh at one of my friend's house on the New Year day, a continuity after a well stage of drunken attitude enjoying the night with one visitor from Indonesia that lost in that middle of night at Jalan P Ramlee.

There's few things did happened and worth no further story. The feeling of I had to quit drinking, a repeated habit that I has tried to quit several times before, arose again. 

I fell ill, due to dengue fever and hospitalized from Jan 30 to Feb 4 and yet have booked a Krabi trip for Phi Phi Island few month back on Feb 28. Even dengue recovery took weeks, I need to go with the plan made. Because it involved another person.

I went to Krabi on Feb 28 with a friend from Putrajaya that wish to visit Phi Phi Island. The first time I arrived in Phi Phi was on Feb 10, 2010 - without place to sleep, yet I get a bamboo hut with mosquito net plus tiled bathroom with ceramic sink and water closet, for RM70 per night.

This time around, the feeling to quit drinking are forgotten. That was the worse bad of me. I shouldn't change myself just to suit others but I keep on showing that it not gonna be his fault at all. This makes me goes forward more than he did when we started to take alcoholic beverages. My first intention vanish in the thin air.

Regretfully, when the mosque loudspeaker aired Friday prayer adhzan, I was with a mug of beer.  Yes, it was a mistake. I have faith in Muslim way of life, submit myself to Allah the one and only, but I can't deny the history on what I have gone through as a bad boy behind my parent. I try the best of my maturity to change and enhance my submittence to Allah gradually since few years back, whilst drinking like non-muslim once in a while.

I firstly intended to pay a visit to Ko Phi Phi mosque as I was disappointed with myself when during my first one night visit, I did not know the mosque is ever exist. How can you expect there is a handsome mosque stood in the atmosphere of hedonist that exhibit whatever they want freely in a so-called backpacker's haven. 

There goes my first intention that failed to materialized. 

It was early May when I posted a bunch of Krabi pics in my FB - a two month late. One of my friends commented that he'll gonna be in Krabi on June 12. I spontaneously state that the date is on the same as mine for my next trip. Even I did not book any flight yet.

When I look upon cheap ticket available anywhere in Air Asia website - as a new hobby for so many people nowadays. I found an 82 ringgit flight to Krabi in June and I bought it. One way ticket. So I can make a stop at Hat Yai en route to KL.

This time around, I wish to be a good Muslim there in an island that Muslims are the original settlers that overshadowed by hedonism culture of backpackers. No alcohol. Big no! Despite having the viewpoint and kayaking included, I also allocate time for prayers.

A week later I realized that my next visit will be on a Full Moon Party weekend. This due to the moon phase today that exactly a month before my trip.

The most exciting story came within. It going to be the full moon of Shaaban, a Nisfu Shaaban night, where all the year doings of the human,written by angels are submitted to the divine database that will be brought upon on the Judgement Day.

This might interpreted by scholars as a chance given by Allah to his slave that wanted to seek his blessing. But bless comes with test. The test of faith I have to deal with. 

I convince that I can handle the test, with the guidance from Allah.

But if I never made it to Krabi by simply bear the loss of the RM82, it was Allah that stop me from going against my own still in state-of-fragile kind of limits.