Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work On Patience, Paid With Happiness!

One of my friends, like 5 years younger than me, is shifting his carachteristic from an unemployed happy boy with degree into a government executive officer in state forestry department.

From a V125 scooter, he bought MyVi SE (as I prohibit him buying Vios - for his own sake lah kan... MACC will sniff everything including dirty laundry.. LOL). He is a good serviceman and rejects grafts. Good for him.

He then, bought a sport rim for his MyVi but it is worse than looking at a bullock cart, so he change it within few days.

His skyrocketing expenditure is far above friends average and thus, more and more are started to talk behind his back. They'd talked about his stingy, his new way of characteristic, and his new culture of leaving friends in nightly alfresco for another new friends in coffee-houses.

Some did try to set a fraudulent anxiety for him, acting like MACC officer, calling him to summon to the MACC office for graft investigation. How mean!

But the fact is, none of what he did is offensive. The feel of annoying by most of our friends is lit up by the jealousy and the pot of annoy is now cooking various dishes by hands of afew and the additional flavour that required most is gossips.

LAST WEEK, a big lightning stroke everyone into a stunned creature for a moment, and confused on the next. It just not stop everything but the way they look at this fella.

This fella had won a RM100,000 weekly prize of Shell lucky draw which ended on that very last draw. He was the Perak's winners as the winners are choosen from different state each week.

Those among our friends that dying waiting for the result of thrice a week 4D lucky numbers betting is throwing their belongings in their room and had a screamy cry I guess.

This lucky boy had won RM100K without connected with offense of gambling and the amount he will recieve is tax waived.

Now that is a happy moment for those who are set themselves happy, even everyone around him try to make him feel unhappy.

And I was sharing his happiness too as I heard that he wanted to go along with me to Bandung on this June even realizing that the Air Asia ticket for the very same flight with me is now cost RM480 return. I bought it on January for RM174.

"Aku nak 5 seluar, 5 baju, 3 jaket, kat Bandung" I told him. "No hal punya. Boleh je." he replied. So what is happiness without sharing it kan?


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