Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello! How Are You?

Heya. Its been awhile since I left this blog to focus on my other blog. The political pot in this country is boiling like a hot soup, best served hot, like what I've been told by my compatriots.

I did some 'research' on how happy all the person around me, those that I knew, in their recent life and absurdly, most of them are unhappy.

Cheated, betrayed, empty promised and all those that caused a peculiar signage in the facebook profile is like a bunch of component of this kind of 'playground'.

What is happiness and how to keep and maintain the happiness that seldomly came is a manouvre that less people have.

A big no for me in this kind of age to indulged in such game in such playground. All I need to have is a fun life, negotiable with the attitude that I called a default mode in me, and the most important is, not in a will of getting cursed.

Curse of God, of family, of friends and of employment superiors is the big factor of the reason behind unhappy life.

All us should revise what have we did and comprehense that all the error made that caused unhappiness is something ratifiable. Put a large stock of positive thinking in our inspacious brain and get focused on all the things that keep us alive.

What was the main things that will keep you alive? Your job, the salary and all the fringe benefits.

Else, sendri mau ingat la macha.

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