Sunday, November 30, 2014

When mobile phone can do better other than games and social media

When it comes to mobile facility the smartphone, most people using it as a bridge to cross over the boredom while taking a public transport on the time  they spent whilst.

When most people sticked to social media and games, I recently found a good way to get busy with a simple picture manipulating using Screenshot and PicsArt apps on my phone.

The result is something new for me as even it just a simple process of photo manipulation, it deliver strong message to the people particularly Penangites, hey my parent is Penangite too, that it is the right time for them to feel the lost. Thanks to the digital visual arts.

Yes, it is completely different with the real condition then, but the message is surely delivered.

Okay, let see how the combination of "ancient Penang shoreline" and densely urbanized Penang was made.

I grab a screenshot of Penang from Google Maps on my phone.

I grab a screenshot of Pulau Sajang, West Papua, Indonesia as it resemble choices of crop selections that can suit the shoreline of Penang.

A crop selection of a section that considered suitable was saved.

The screenshot of Penang opened with PicsArt and the saved selection was inserted and fitted in. The final result should eventually touch the emotion of Penangites and local beach lovers on the lost pearls.

Adding up obvious facts in the caption will bring the value of the cincai art.

1000 years ago, it was a paradise, in the territory of the Mokken, natives of the Malay Peninsula western shoreline but today, Penang Island is nothing but a carelessly developed city under the colonial ruling.

Sungai Juru is the most polluted river in Malaysia, lets plan for it future by looking at it past.

Sungai Sepang is among the most polluted river in Malaysia due to pig farming to cater demands from local and Singapore pork consumer. Only illusion could bring forth it past.

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