Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bangburnepindese reintroduce dirty red spit in Malaysia

With almost 3 million foreigner in Malaysia, betelnut red spit colored the fivefoot way of Jalan Silang, a Bangburnepind Town of Malaysia. 

Bangburnepind is country of Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and India. Here, these countrys' citizen that worked in Peninsula Malaysia, gathered.

Everything about these foreigner is tolerable including the South Asian type of body odour that synonym to these people but not this single sickness.

Chewing betelnut is no longer adapted by modern Malaysian as an addiction. 

But these foreign labour reintroduce this to Malaysia with negative response by the locals.

There is no particular law by the local councils in preventing the dirty imported attitude to ensure a good hygene level of atmosphere for the locals and the tourist to rate the city wellbeingness.

If this considered tolerable by the city councils or halls, the more than RM2 billion of the government revenue from the levi collection must be spent in a good number to clean up the mess they made and introduce them a wise way of consuming betelnut program.

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