Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Thirst : Why Homo Is Called A Misfit?

It learnt that male have 9 level of thinking compare to 1 for female.. and .. male having 1 level of desire compare to 9 for female.

So a hetero couple will have 10 : 10 while PLU couple will have 18 : 2. 18 for thinking and 2 for sex. This imbalance of coupling culture gave a sign of "STOP THINKING ON HOMOSEX LOVE". Hahaha.

And this also can give a clear result of the reason why, pengkid dan aweknya bertahan lebih lama, setia melulu dan memiliki lebih banyak variety of dildo berbanding PLU. This is because, they have 18 for sex and 2 for thinking.

Summary : Gay men couples will have a conflict shortly after their first intercourse.


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