Friday, May 23, 2014

Thailand coup d'etat and my June 12 Krabi trip

 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 
Krabi again ? After 3 month ?
What I did understood from what I have posted before on above stated link is, I should not be going to Koh Phi Phi on that date. The trip that I bought accidently fell on Nisfu Shaaban night make it as a tough test that I found to apply on my spiritual rehabilitation process. 

The answer of my uncertainty that I felt after I found the date and the spiritual significance came two days later, as I was told by a colleague from another department who facilitating an emcee course, that I applied before, that the 3 day course will be on 11 - 13 June in Melaka.

So I cancelled the trip with RM86 vanished in the airliner's thick air . 

But very soon after, on 20th May, another sign of answer adding up hints that I should not go to Phi Phi on the suddenly planned trip. The armed force of Thailand invoke a martial law throughout the nation and launched coup d'etat on May 22 which imposed a curfew from 2200 hrs to 0500 hrs.

What it gonna be like a  Full Moon Party in a night curfew ?

When I was in Thailand from February 28 to March 3, the situation in Thailand is very normal as anywhere else in Malaysia. The Bangkok Shutdown campaign was a Bangkok story. 600 km away. Life full of happening event started at 10 PM and ended on 3 AM. I have a personal thought that the coup is excessive. But to restore order at the centre of the nation, that involving political sentiment throughout the nation,  they surely need to 'seize' the whole country.

Those are consolation for my  Krabi cancellation actually. This is temporary.

Patong in Phuket on 10 PM May 22

Bangkok on 9 PM May 22

TV & Radio stations barred

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