Sunday, August 25, 2013

If This Is My Ultimate Madness Towards Nadi Putra, Surely There'll Be Next

This post is my first English post since I don't know when. My English deteriorates badly all along within my 10 years in public service. But, at least better than most of Japanese.

My uttermost issue to be highlighted is the fuckin public service buses itself. As there is no bus service charge you with 50 sen fare for anywhere, Nadi Putra is gonna get bashed here. But wait. It is not about the fare. But the service.

For me, this is how subsidized LPG was spent just to invite critics. The 50 sen fare is a mere symbol of charge that imposed to avoid forging a total subsidized mentality. It creates an arousing dissatisfaction when the service is not meet the urgent demand of the commuters whilst suction of national treasury was in place through the subsidy. 

I experienced tens of times being late to office for 14 km journey with a red check in on my punch card just because there was no bus as frequent as it must, on the peak hour.

Dozens of blackmail sent by me to the corporation but it left well-unanswered. 

The peak of my notoriety mind which I will not materialize is to burn them all in the depot when I missed my 6:30 PM Ipoh bound Plusliner just because there is no bus from 3:15 PM to 4:46 PM from my office to my home with 43 minutes journey to reach the doorstep of my house awaits. It happened last Friday.

After a quick packing-up, I took 5:47 PM bus that appear when I was just reach the bus stop. The bus not heading to the main bus station so I drop off at Precinct 4 to change bus. The fucking bus to the main bus station arrived at 6:21 PM and the result is emotionally silly. I missed the bus!

How silly? I get the permission to get home early because I hadn't packed anything for my back to hometown journey, 3.5 hours before the departure. It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes from my office to reach home which is 8km away which the time I spent is the valuable period for me to get refreshment and so.

Where was the bus? On the schedule marquee board, there is a bus ply route to my home at 4:01 PM. But none appeared.

2 hours 20 minutes is the speed limit obedient time that you may take to drive from Putrajaya to Ipoh!

And this is just within the circumference of the smartest city in Malaysia! 

I just get tired of Nadi Putra but I still refrain myself to buy car again. How save when you only spend RM1.00 for a return ticket from your house to your office? With 600 ringgits monthly installment automobile and 50 ringgits weekly gas expenditure, it cost me RM50 per day to get to the office and back home. Yes it is silly comparison but it intact as a pillar of the reason why the purchasing was made. For sure you feel glad on RM25 per month rather than RM750 for the cost of living.

And such mobility will bring me to KL as frequent as if I have a car, I will be poorer like RM1,200 each and every month! My savings couldn't be as it was now.

Nadi Putra staff are not paid with such discount. So please keep your service at the fullest with brain above par that worth for national fund!

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