Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Ramadhan 1433

This is my first English posting here in this blog.. and perhaps, anywhere, recently.  Ramadhan is around the corner. We oftenly taught by our learned elders that inherit us with the Malay tradition of welcoming Ramadhan is a mere embraceable culture. 

But wise enough, their culture last too short just until the social media became the worldwide acceptance instrument.

Well, I never wish to spend more key striking seconds to describe further on customs and religion as through the history that has no beginning.

Take a look on modern smartphone age of Ramadhan than sometimes became an irony view that I ever witnessed. 

Even that is a mere co-incidence, but faith of everyone is now are open for public debate. Shall we debate on what we think it is good for others but not us?

OK, that first tweet above came from a non-Muslim that was not exposed to the real concept of respect. But another irony from him was first came out few days before.

But seems everyone in a mood of welcoming Ramadhan, let gone be bygone. But this is a classic example of how racism is slurred against another just to cover own super duper latent racist attitude towards the other.

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