Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kala Jengking vs Ketam

Scorpio CancerThe scorpio cancer couple is one of the luckiest people :) What could be better than a scorpio and cancer compatibility? Here comes two really emotionally intense people, ready to give everything out for love. These people take love seriously and they find the biggest comfort, security and lots of romantic spark when they come together. They are looking for long term relationships and they have found it, finally! You’re both highly emotional, passionate, intuitive, empathetic, very possessive, very loyal, and will make the other feel more loved, than in any other combination possible in zodiac.

There’s an amazing mystery in these people coming together. One can say they’re sooner and later destined to meet once they have some good karma stored up! By the grace of 5-9 sun sign pattern, they are blessed to have a magnetized aura for each other, they could really feel it when they’re in close proximity. Scorpio cancer love match is one of those few matches which have the highest possibility of having a soul mate type relationship. :)

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scorpio and cancer compatibility ratings

Compatibility: 5

Communication: 5

Sexual chemistry: 5

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Cancer Scorpio Love Match

Compatibility for cancer the sign and Scorpio love relationship will be full of passion and romance. Taking decisions from heart is what they’ll do. The best way to describe these two very compatible water sign characters is to say, “Get ready to sink or swim!” Cancer Scorpio love relationship possess a tidal wave portion of emotional depth. If they are un-evolved, they’ll be crippling along the stream taking each other to the great depths of various addictions and away from spiritual growth, while the evolved ones would be sailing smoothly. The evolved ones would be like being children forever and exploring the world with innocence, excitement, fun and faith in the greater good of the world! The loony humor of the cancer can help scorpio take the rough edge out while the scorpio loving a cancer can help cancer gain confidence and get secured from within. It doesn’t matter what they do, they’ll always love each other.

The only minor problem would be Scorpio’s need of space which can trigger the clinginess of the cancer, this does not have much higher impact once the trust is developed. There could be problems related to money because the cancer wants to play it safe with money matters, while the scorpios need to risk it and earn more. Though there are too many good aspects to counter it. The gift of trust can be easily given by the cancer, only to a scorpio. And the gift of forgiveness never given by the scorpio to anyone else, would be easily given to cancer during any fight. A cancer can understand the scorpion’s mask of expression and a scorpio can dwell deeper into a cancer and find compassion, sensitivity and need of security.

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